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Department of Civil Engineering.

About Department

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest professions in the world born out from the age old need of humanity to use its surrounding environment for it’s develop. Therefore, in some countries it is also known as Build Environment Engineering. And that is what we, the Civil Engineers do. We build our surrounding, and create an environment where societies, communities and every one in it flourish. Civil engineers design, build, and maintain the foundation for our modern society – our roads and bridges, sea ports, airports, railway, dams, drinking water and energy systems , housing, hospitals, Schools flood mitigation & defenses and the infrastructure for a cleaner environment (ASCE).

This Department has been in existence since the start of MIT in 1984. Earlier it was known as Department of Water & Land Management. Later it was renamed as Department of Civil Engineering. Today department have two shifts of Civil Engineering, each with intake of 60 seats, and M.Tech Program in Structural Engineering with intake capacity of 18 seats.

Apart from regular teaching and learning the subjects, the department provides its students and faculty to participate in real life projects, such as, Smart City Aurangabad, City Public Transport Development, Non destructive evaluation of City infrastructures, and so on.

Key infrastructures at the department:

  • Nine laboratories, including a research standard lab for Structural Dynamic & Earthquake.
  • Cad-lab for hand-on training of modern software related to Civil Engineering and its competitive exams.
  • Reference library for learning and project work.
  • Class rooms, two with projectors,
  • Drawing halls


Under Graduate (UG)
Civil Engineering (Intake-60)
Civil Engineering II Shift (Intake-60 )
Post Graduate (PG)
M.Tech Structural Engineering (Intake-18 )

Message from Head of Department

Prof. Sumeet Jaiswal

Head of Civil Engineering Department

Congratulations to all Civil Engineering aspirants upon successful completion of higher secondary/ diploma education. At our department, we endeavour to develop essential skill sets required to carve you into an excellent professional which will be capable of providing modern and smart solutions in all fields of Civil Engineering.

The department is well equipped with essential basic laboratories as well as advanced laboratories like software laboratory, structural dynamics & earthquake engineering, non destructive testing. Our faculty members involves students in consultancy activities in variety of areas which helps in bridging gap between theory and practice.

The students are always encouraged to excel in co-curricular as well as extracurricular activities. Our faculty members are specialised in different areas of Civil Engineering such as Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Construction Management, and Engineering Geology etc. I am confident that UG and PG education at our department will bring you up as a Responsible and Technically Sound Professional.

  • +91 - 240 - 2375130

Objective of the Course

To prepare the students to identify, analyze and deal with difficult civil engineering problems.
Development of professional skills in the students to take up immediate employment in civil engineering related areas.
Help them to be able to apply necessary mathematical tools, fundamental and scientific knowledge in the civil engineering discipline.
Help students achieve successful careers as civil engineers.
Inculcate a multi-disciplinary approach which helps students apply engineering knowledge while keeping in mind the broader human and social context.
To make students learn to communicate and collaborate effectively with others from the civil engineering stream.


To transform Emerging Minds into innovative and problem solving Civil Engineers by inculcating all essential Graduate Attributes & Human Values.


Our mission is to provide educational services that enable our students to experience quality learning and create opportunities for their professional growth.

To provide healthy & scholarly environment that enables our faculty to generate quality teaching, explore research and develop consultancy domain.

Program Outcomes(POs)

After the successful completion of Civil Engineering course the graduates will have the ability to

1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to understand & solve Civil Engineering problems.

2. Explain complex Civil Engineering problems, formulate methodology and provide solutions.

3. Identify, conceptualize, develop and solve civil engineering problems.

4. Perform literature review, design & conduct experiments, interpret & analyze data, and synthesize the information to provide conclusion.

5. Identify and apply modern tools and approaches to analyze civil engineering problems.

6. Assess local and global impact of societal issues on civil engineering profession.

7. Demonstrate the knowledge of and need for sustainable development.

8. Practice in their profession with ethics.

9. Ability to perform tasks and responsibilities as solo member, team member and leader.

10. Exhibit effective communication skills through oral, written with and without graphical and multimedia tools.

11. Understand and apply the principals of engineering and management to their work in hand.

12. Exhibit an attitude for life-long learning and professional development.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Graduates are expected to attain following PEOs within few years of graduation

PEO I: Successfully enter into Civil Engineering profession

PEO II: Ability to acquire emerging knowledge and continuous learning process.

PEO III: Attain leadership position in their chosen profession.

PEO IV: Play creative and innovative role in creating solutions to complex Civil Engineering problems.

PEO V: Mentor future Civil Engineers and leaders.

PEO VI: Participate and contribute to professional societies and research bodies.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Lab Details

Engineering Mechanics Laboratory.

  • About Lab: The practicals performed in the Laboratory are basically for first year students of all the branches. The lab is housed in 107.25 sqm area consisting of all the major equipments which are required for hands on experiments for understanding the basic principle of the core subject of Engineering Mechanics.
Civil Department
Civil Department

Material Testing Laboratory

  • About Lab: This laboratory consists of concrete technology & strength of material laboratory. The total area of laboratory is 240 sqm. The practicals performed in the Laboratory are basically for second year students and post graduate students. Also the project work related to concrete and various material testing, of final year & post graduate students is carried out in this Laboratory. In addition to this the consultancy work related to all types of material testing is done using this laboratory. The major experiments conducted in the laboratory are listed as below:
  • Tension,bending,shear test on mild steel
  • Izod and charpy impact test on metal.
  • Torsion test on mild steel
  • Bending Test on timber
  • Flexure Test on flooring tiles
  • Water absorption & compression test on burnt bricks
  • Fineness, initial & final setting time, soundness & compressive strength of cement
  • Specific Gravity, density, sieve analysis, moisture content, impact value, Crushing value of aggregate.
  • Workability of Concrete by slump test, Compaction factor, effect of admixture on setting time of concrete.
  • Compressive & Tensile strength of hardened concrete
Civil Department
Civil Department
Civil Department

Geotechnical Engineering & Soil Mechanics Laboratory

  • About Lab: The practical performed in the laboratory are basically for third year students. The area of the laboratory is 236.57sqm. The project work related to soil mechanics & geotechnical engineering is carried out in the laboratory. Following major experiments are performed in the lab.
  • Field density test, determination of particle-size distribution of soil.
  • Sieve analysis
  • Compaction
  • Shear test
  • Permeability test
Civil Department
Civil Department

Transportation Engineering Laboratory

  • About Lab: The practicals performed in the laboratory are for third year students. The area of the laboratory is 119.8 sqm. The laboratory is well equipped with all experimental facilities required for carrying out experiments as per syllabus.
Civil Department
Civil Department

Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Laboratory

  • About Lab: The laboratory mainly deals with the experiments to be carried out for second year students. The area of the laboratory is 300sqm. The laboratory is well equipped with all the necessary equipments which facilitate to perform following experiments.
  • Study of pressure measuring devices, determination of metacentric height.
  • Calibration of venturimeter
  • Determination of coefficient of discharge for an orifice, mouthpiece
  • Calibration of rectangular and triangular notch.
  • Determination of chezy’s & manning’s constant
  • Determination of pipe friction factor &minor losses.
  • Impact of Jet etc
Civil Department
Civil Department
Civil Department

Survey Stores

  • About Lab: The application of this lab is mainly for second year & third year students. The area of the survey stores is 99.18 sqm. All modern instruments and equipments related to surveying & levelling work are available in the store and utilized by the students.
Civil Department
Civil Department

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

  • About Lab: The laboratory mainly deals with the experiments to be carried out for final year students. The area of the laboratory is 91.26 sqm. The laboratory is well setup with required chemicals to perform experiments as per syllabus.
Civil Department
Civil Department

Engineering Geology & Rock Mechanics Laboratory

About Lab: The laboratory mainly deals with the study of various types of rock samples mainly required by third year students.

Computer Aided Design Laboratory

About Lab: The laboratory aims at imparting knowledge to UG and PG students about the latest developments in the field of CAD. The course includes awareness about design softwares like AUTOCAD, STADD Pro, ETABS and implementation of the software knowledge in designing, analysing engineering problems.
Civil Department

Faculty Details

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Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
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Full Name
Sumeet Jaiswal
Date of Joining

List of Paper Published in National / International Journals

Jaiswal, Sumeet, Bunker, Jonathan M., & Ferreira, Luis (2010) The influence of platform walking on BRT station bus dwell time estimation. Journal of Transportation Engineering, 136(12), pp. 1173-1179. 

List of Paper Published in National / International Conference

Jaiswal, Sumeet, Bunker, Jonathan M., & Ferreira, Luis (2010) Modelling bus lost time : an additional parameter influencing bus dwell time and station platform capacity at a BRT station platform. In TRB 89th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC. 


Jaiswal, Sumeet, Bunker, Jonathan M., & Ferreira, Luis (2009) Effects of fare collection policy on operating characteristics of a Brisbane busway station. In Proceedings of : ATRF 2009 : 32nd Australasian Transport Research Forum : The Growth Engine : Interconnecting Transport Performance, the Economy and the Environment, 29 Sep. - 01 Oct. 2009, Auckland, New Zealand. 


Jaiswal, Sumeet, Bunker, Jonathan M., & Ferreira, Luis (2009) Modelling the relationships between passenger demand and bus delays at busway stations. In TRB 88th Annual Meeting, 11-15 January 2009, Washington D.C. US. 


Jaiswal, Sumeet, Bunker, Jonathan M., & Ferreira, Luis (2008) Relating bus dwell time and platform crowding at a busway station. In 31st Australasian Transport Research Forum (ATRF), 2 - 3 October, 2008, Gold Coast, Australia. 


Jaiswal, Sumeet, Bunker, Jonathan M., & Ferreira, Luis (2007) Operating Characteristics and Performance of a Busway Transit Station. In 30th Australasian Transport Research Fourm (ATRF), 25 - 27 September 2007, Melbourne, Australia. 


Jaiswal, Sumeet, Janvi Mohurle, Prajakta Kulkarni, Aishwarya Raje, Diksha Karanjikar, Shivani Dhotre, Mrunali Ghumare (2016) Understanding Travel Behaviour of Employees of an Industrial Area-Aurangabad Case Study. In 12th Transportation Planning and Implementation Methodologies for Developing Countries (TPMDC), 19 - 21 December 2016, IIT Boombay, Mumbai, India


Thakare, Ashwini; Kumar, Amit; Jaiswal, Sumeet, and Landge, Vishrut (2017) Understanding and Quantifying Road Network Delays in Accessing Nagpur Inland Container Depot. In the 4th  Conference of the Transportation Research Group of India (CTRG-2017), 17 - 20 December 2017, IIT Boombay, Mumbai, India



Professional Membership

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Achievements and Awards

  • Awarded with ‘The David Wills Memorial Prize’ at ATRF 2007, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Awarded 2nd prize for paper on "Rubber Dam" at MIT Pune, India.
  • Awarded 3rd prize for "Best Innovative Structural Steel Design" for 2001 – 2002 for B.E. project.  


Teaching Subjects

Transportation Engineering - I 

Transportation Engineering - II

Town Planning 



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Civil Engineering II Shift Faculties

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Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
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Abhishek Mahajan
Assistant Professor
Date of Joining

Education Details

DegreeStreamOrganizationUniversityYear Of PassingGradeLocationState / Country
DIPLOMACivil Engineering S.D.M.P. NagpurMSBTEJuly-2011First Class (71.33)NagpurMaharashtra - India
B.ECivil Engineering P.I.C.E. NagpurR.T.M.N.U.June-2014First Class (73.21)NagpurMaharashtra - India
M.EM.E. StructureJ.N.E.C. AurangabadB.A.M.U.November-20168.28 A++AurangabadMaharashtra - India

List of Paper Published in National / International Journals

Performance Analysis Of RCC And Steel Concrete Composite Structure Under Seismic Effect in International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology, vol 05, issue 04, april 2016 By Abhishek Sanjay Mahajan & Laxman G. Kalurkar

“ANALYSIS OF COMPOSITE STRUCTURE”  in International Journal of Advanced Technology In Engineering & Science vol no 04, issue 09, September 2016 By A.S.Mahajan & L.G.Kalurkar.

Behavior of RCC and Composite Structure under Seismic Loads” in IOSR Journal of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Volume 13, Issue 4 Ver. VII (Jul. - Aug. 2016), PP 96-102  By A.S.Mahajan & L.G.Kalurkar.

List of Paper Published in National / International Conference

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Professional Membership


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Teaching Subjects



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Top Aluminis

Sr. No. Name of student Year of passing Job Profile Sector
1 Vishnu Shinde 1986 Contractor, Hari Om Constructions, Aurangabad Entrepreneur
2 Ravindra Bansode 2009 Structural Consulatnt, Aurangabad Entrepreneur
3 Abhijit Zalte 2011 Sr. Engineer, Sara builders, Aurangabad Entrepreneur
4 Swapnil Takane 2011 Structural consultant, Aurangabad Entrepreneur
5 Satish Manal 2012 Asst. Professor, CSMSS COE, Aurangabad Teaching
6 Chandrashekhar Jagtap 2013 Asst. Professor, CSMSS COE, Aurangabad Teaching
7 Saurabh Nirkhe 2013 Asst. Professor, DIEMS, Aurangabad Teaching
8 Saurbh Kulkarni 2013 PWD Govt. Contractor / FRP doors unit, Nanded Entrepreneur
9 Kuldip Shinde 2013 Contractor, Hari Om Constructions, Aurangabad Entrepreneur
10 Anirudha Kulkarni 2014 Sr. Engineer, Tata Consultincy, Pune Private
11 Ashish Patil 2014 PG-MIT-Aurangabad Higher Studies
12 Ashish Wani 2014 PG-GECA-Aurangabad - completed Higher Studies
13 Avishkar Mitkari 2014 PWD Govt. Contractor, Aurangabad Entrepreneur
14 Aniket Kulkarni 2014 PG-MIT-Aurangabad, Govt.Contractor Higher Studies
15 Anil Hasbe 2014 Swapnakunj Contractors and Engineers, Latur Entrepreneur